May 2022

A classic new universe for the senses

Kvorning Design is contracting with Classic Car House to create turnkey exhibitions for the upcoming Classic Car House – a classic new universe for the senses, for which work is now underway in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark. Taking the former Agricultural Museum and Virumgård as a focal point, and while still maintaining respect for the spirit of the site, Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects and landscape architect Julie Kierkegaard are currently in full swing renovating, expanding and building new square meters of exhibition space.

Classic Car House will have a total area of ​​around 25,000 square meters for experiences, exhibitions, a showroom, a car hotel, restaurant/bistro as well as concert and conference facilities. Based on the master plan for all exhibitions – both temporary and more permanent installations – our task now is to bring together the buildings and exhibition concepts to create immersive, spectacular experiences at a world-class level.

Classic Car House will be the destination of choice for anyone passionate about beautiful vintage cars, historic buildings and parks. Something to look forward to it!

Opening: May 2023 / Photo: Classic Car House