The AKANTUS project in Larvik

We are happy to share we are part of the winning team to develop a feasibility study and pre-concept for the 40,000 m2 AKANTUS project in Larvik, Norway – the city’s centerpiece project to highlight and strengthen Larvik’s history as a national attraction, as a force in urban development, and as an arena for co-creation.

We look forward to developing ideas for ‘Herregården’, the historic gardens ‘Herregårdshagen, and the new museum facility – all tied together in a strong landscape concept based on Larviks’ historical roots, its unique experiences, and its potential as a driver for urban development.

Last week, we started up the project on-site together with our clients Larvik kommune and Larvik Museum, and together with our team SLA (consortium lead), LPO arkitekter, and a selected group of experts.



Grand Unveiling of Salmon Eye

The Grand Unveiling of Salmon Eye on September 2, 2022 – an initiative with ambitions to revolutionize sustainable aquaculture.


Thanks a lot Sondre Eide, family and entire team at Eide Fjordbruk AS for you courage, trust and cooperation around the realisation of the experience design and architectural vision for Salmon Eye – floating near Rosendal, Norway. An iconic project and a spectacular summer day in the Hardangerfjord!

Congratulations and our best wishes for the future from Kvorning Design




Designer Shelters by Kvorning

Shelters from Kvorning Design – in the series Kvorning Outdoor Solutions.

These designer shelters offer an innovative approach and unique spaces for outdoor learning, events, and around-the-fire sleepovers. Cutting-edge in design: smart, unique, sustainable, and modular. Low-impact design and aesthetic appeal that will change people’s perception forever about staying outdoors and providing great spaces for learning and sleepovers.

They come in several sizes and can be combined in various ways: from the 2-3 person sized shelters to the larger 8-person sized shelters. If placed around a campfire four larger shelters could host up to 30-32 persons!

Indeed, while being surrounded by nature’s amazing views and starry skies, everyone will be able to enjoy these amazing designer shelters.

Join us on a shelter tour here!


Come party with us – 3 live acts

The year 2022 marks 30 years of Kvorning Design on the international exhibitions stage.

Save the date: Friday, 19 August 2022 from 3pm to 8pm. Join us for a party that promises to kick off with a BANG in the courtyard next to our studio at Njalsgade 21E, Copenhagen S, Denmark.

All afternoon, no less than 3 live acts will thrill you with a wide range of exciting and exotic rhythms — from samba to rock’n’roll. And YOU are invited to join our mini festival. We’re looking forward to celebrating with you!

Participation requires registration, so mark your interest ASAP and RSVP no later than 15 August here.



The heavy water war

Kvorning Design and partners, Icelandic Gagarin, and Creative Technology, Norway, have won two commissions from the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, NIA, to develop and realise the conceptual narrative for Tungtvannskjelleren, the heavy water room and research site where the world-changing Norwegian sabotage mission “Operation Gunnerside” took place.

Tungtvannskjelleren, located at the Vemork hydroelectric plant near Rjukan, Norway, is a historic national heritage site of Norwegian and international significance. When the “heavy water room” reopens, visitors will experience the story of the famous sabotage action that took place there in 1943.

As the scene of perhaps the most important event in Norway’s war history, Tungtvannskjelleren is a key destination for history education and a monument to the Second World War. It is a place for learning and reflection, where innovative design must engage and captivate the audience to deliver a compelling history.

Opening: 18 June and February 2023





A classic new universe for the senses

Kvorning Design is contracting with Classic Car House to create turnkey exhibitions for the upcoming Classic Car House – a classic new universe for the senses, for which work is now underway in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark. Taking the former Agricultural Museum and Virumgård as a focal point, and while still maintaining respect for the spirit of the site, Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects and landscape architect Julie Kierkegaard are currently in full swing renovating, expanding and building new square meters of exhibition space.

Classic Car House will have a total area of ​​around 25,000 square meters for experiences, exhibitions, a showroom, a car hotel, restaurant/bistro as well as concert and conference facilities. Based on the master plan for all exhibitions – both temporary and more permanent installations – our task now is to bring together the buildings and exhibition concepts to create immersive, spectacular experiences at a world-class level.

Classic Car House will be the destination of choice for anyone passionate about beautiful vintage cars, historic buildings and parks. Something to look forward to it!

Opening: May 2023 / Photo: Classic Car House


Kvorning Design team wins Nidaros Cathedral commissions

Kvorning Design and partners, SLA and Substrata, win two commissions from the Nidaros Cathedral’s Restoration Workshop, Norway. Both related to Trondheim’s world famous and almost a thousand years old Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace.

Kvorning and partners will be developing a feasibility study and general space planning for the surrounding exteriors, courtyards and workshops – and furthermore creating a concept for the many permanent and temporary exhibitions in the Archbishop’s Palace including the Norwegian Royal Regalia. The aim is an updated storyline and new solutions for future use of both interiors and exteriors to ensure a much more active dialogue than today.





Keynote speech in Istanbul

Historian and Project Developer Ivan Asseev, Kvorning Design, delivers keynote speech, ‘Touching the Untouchables’, on revitalisation of World Heritage sites by exhibition design, memorialization, inclusion, and identites at Heritage Istanbul, Turkey.



Kvorning in London and Istanbul

Meet Kvorning in London and Istanbul in May! Arne Kvorning and Gitte Olsson attend the M+H Show 2022 – Drop by Olympia London, stand G1, on the 12-13 May! Ivan Asseev, Kvorning Design, is keynote at Heritage Istanbul 2022 in Turkey on  the 13 May speaking about ‘Touching the Untouchables. World Heritage Sites Revitalisation: exhibition design, memorialization, inclusion and identities.’



Kvorning team wins commission for Tungtvannskjelleren

Kvorning Design team wins commission for Tungtvannskjelleren museum at Vemork in Norway. The site of heavy water experiments during the Second World War.

NIA director Anna Hereid says:

‘In light of present day Europe, it is vital that we place great demands on the telling of Norwegian history. The concept tendered by Kvorning Design, Gagarin and Creative Technology was chosen for its comprehensive and innovative experience concept, which not only provides a range of spectacular, engaging and diverse modes of narration, but also makes the space an attractive arena for conferences or other gatherings.’

Kvorning Design and partners, Gagarin and Creative Technology, won the commission from the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, NIA, to develop and realise the conceptual narrative for Tungtvannskjelleren, the heavy water research site where the world-changing Norwegian sabotage action ‘Operation Gunnerside’ occurred.

Kvorning Design CEO Arne Kvorning says:

‘Tungtvannskjelleren has been a dream project for a number of years. I know the history very well and immediately invited myself for a visit once the cellar was accessible’.