Jul 2020

Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre

Kvorning Design and Bright Norway win international planning and design competition about the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre in Lærdal, Sogn and Fjordane, Norway. An upgrade of the building and all exhibitions, new entrance, improved visitor flow and attractive resting areas both indoor and outdoor.

General Manager Alf Olsen Jr., Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre, says –

‘The winner project demonstrates a fine balance between renewal without too much change or alterations to the unique expression.

Chief Exhibition Designer and Architect Arne Kvorning, Kvorning Design, continues –

‘Our Danish-Norwegian team is excited to get the chance now to be part of and ensure the frameworks for a new and significantly improved visitor experience at the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre in Lærdal. Included in the winner project is also a proposal for possible leisure facilities along the river as well as exciting, new cabins at the bottom of the UNESCO-protected Sognefjord. We name them ‘Salmon Cabins’ – a combination of an attractive, small hotel room, a shed and a hideaway in balance with Lærdal’s beautiful nature, inspired by Norwegian traditions and meeting the salmon fishermen’s needs and identity.

The Norwegian Wild Salmon Center is located deep in the Sognefjord, on the riverbank of one of the most famous salmon rivers in Norway, Lærdalselvi. The centre provides insight in the lifecycle of the Atlantic salmon, the management of the wild salmon tribes and the traditions around the fishing for salmon.