Aug 2022

Design Shelters by Kvorning

Shelters from Kvorning Design – in the series Kvorning Outdoor Solutions.

These design shelters offer an innovative approach and unique spaces for outdoor learning, events, and around-the-fire sleepovers. Cutting-edge in design: smart, unique, sustainable, and modular. Low-impact design and aesthetic appeal that will change people’s perception forever about staying outdoors and providing great spaces for learning and sleepovers.

They come in several sizes and can be combined in various ways: from the 2-3 person sized shelters to the larger 8-person sized shelters. If placed around a campfire four larger shelters could host up to 30-32 persons!

Indeed, while being surrounded by nature’s amazing views and starry skies, everyone will be able to enjoy these amazing designer shelters.

Join us on a shelter tour here!