Apr 2022

Kvorning team wins commission for Tungtvannskjelleren

Kvorning Design team wins commission for Tungtvannskjelleren museum at Vemork in Norway. The site of heavy water experiments during the Second World War.

NIA director Anna Hereid says:

‘In light of present day Europe, it is vital that we place great demands on the telling of Norwegian history. The concept tendered by Kvorning Design, Gagarin and Creative Technology was chosen for its comprehensive and innovative experience concept, which not only provides a range of spectacular, engaging and diverse modes of narration, but also makes the space an attractive arena for conferences or other gatherings.’

Kvorning Design and partners, Gagarin and Creative Technology, won the commission from the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, NIA, to develop and realise the conceptual narrative for Tungtvannskjelleren, the heavy water research site where the world-changing Norwegian sabotage action ‘Operation Gunnerside’ occurred.

Kvorning Design CEO Arne Kvorning says:

‘Tungtvannskjelleren has been a dream project for a number of years. I know the history very well and immediately invited myself for a visit once the cellar was accessible’.