Cold War Museum Stevnsfort

CLIENT: The Museum of East Zealand
PROJECT: Cold War Museum Stevnsfort
LOCATION: Rødvig, Denmark
18 meters underground at Stevns Klint, Denmark, a unique and almost intact fortress from the Cold War is situated – its name is Stevnsfort. A monument of Denmark’s role during the Cold War period – now transformed into a museum experience.
Kvorning Design & Communication’s vision for Cold War Museum Stevnsfort is to share the story about daily life at the fortress – critical situations and episodes, and the planning and construction of the coastal fortress. A story told in the authentic and exceptional kilometres of tunnels deep inside the chalk at Stevns Klint.
Kvorning has on a turnkey basis conceptualized and established the underground exhibitions, and developed and installed lighting and sound concepts. Kvorning also transformed a former storage building into a new visitor center, and designed the museum’s logo and visual identity, signage and web including pamphlets about Stevnfort’s two main themes – geology and Cold War.