LEGO House – History Collection

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In a continuous, close collaboration with the LEGO Group’s employees within the historic branch, Kvorning Design and Communication has designed and developed the permanent exhibition for the History Collection in the base of the LEGO House; the 12,000 square metre Brand Experience in Billund, Denmark.

As grown-ups and kids head down the stairs, or descend by the elevator, into the basement and the History Collection, they are welcomed by a 2 x 2 metre logotype. Here they explore their own childhood through the gems of the exhibition: LEGO products conveying the company’s long history though significant milestones, drawings and models. Everything a true Lego fan could possibly imagine. Also animations of kids playing in classic scenarios.

Halfway through the collection visitors will see a light which lures them into a room resembling the interior of a giant LEGO brick. An exhibition of original LEGO models and boxes through decades. Anyone can find a cherished LEGO box, either as a physical model or on the interactive table displaying more than 5,000 LEGO boxes. In big round showcases and along the walls are hundreds of original models and boxes on display to stir dear memories.