Malmö Museer – CLUES

Kvorning Design creates a complete exhibition concept, Clues – postholes, DNA and other traces of prehistoric times, for Malmö Museer, Sweden. A new exhibition about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. The concept builds on a center and periphery principle in both contents and design. A time axis with experience zones meets a light axis where we operate with active use of daylight from one side of the exhibition hall.
Daylight contributes actively to the scenography in the more light, transparent exhibition zones. The mood and expression being that of a modern research lab. The other side of the exhibition hall is characterized by more solid elements with references to archaeology. Here we are down in the ground where the artefacts were found – now they are arranged in colourful displays and zones.
A permanent exhibition about the Malmö Region throughout 14,000 years. From the Old Stone Age to the early Middle Ages. 14 themes and 500 prehistorical artefacts – including skeletons – are interpretated in interactive, entertaining and tactile ways to ensure a sensoric and learning experience of the region until 1150 AC. Malmö Museer are responsible for production and implementation. The concept was won in invited competition.