May 2015

Destined for Ballerup

On 8. May 2015 Ballerup Museum opened the exhibition ‘Destined for Ballerup’ about the Grand Duchess Olga of Russia and other immigrants who have settled in Ballerup over the years. In close collaboration with the museum, Kvorning Design & Communication has provided concept, exhibition design, graphic design and production and implementation for this beautiful, sensory permanent exhibition.

Taking its point of departure in the story of the Russian princess Olga Alexandrovna, who fled the Russian Revolution in 1917, the exhibition explores a series of humane questions and themes, such as ‘What is my culture?’, ‘What is a home?’, ‘Identity as well as ‘Personal choices’. The exhibition tells Olga’s story – from an upbringing in lavish luxury to a life in exile, and the stories of other Russian immigrants and people, who have moved to Ballerup from other countries or other parts of Denmark. The stories are communicated through paintings, artifacts, personal belongings and have been visualized through various types of narrative styles and techniques such as light- and sound effects.