Feb 2019

Kvorning relaunches BUGSYSTEMS.COM

Kvorning relaunches BUGSYSTEMS.COM; selected design solutions conceptualized by Kvorning Design & Communication for exhibitions over the past years. Visit bugsystem.com for displaysystems, interior, lighting and special design for home, work and urban spaces – product information in both English and Danish available.

Arne Kvorning, Kvorning Design & Communication, comments on the relaunch –

”BUGSYSTEMS.COM BY KVORNING have existed for some years but been overshadowed by Kvorning’s exhibition solutions lately. We have, however, created, developed and produced many vivid, super flexible and sustainable products – selected products for home, work and urban spaces, too. By relaunching BUGSYSTEMS.COM, we make the selected products available to more people; including leading Nordic and UK signage and print companies interested in becoming part of Kvorning’s BUGSYSTEMS-dealer network.”