Feb 2023

The place that changed the world

Eighty years to the day after Norwegian soldiers from Linge Company sabotaged heavy water production at Vemork, Rjukan, Norway, the Norwegian Industrial Workers’ Museum (NIA) opens an extensive exhibition designed and realized by a creative team led by Kvorning Design on the site where the dangerous Operation Gunnerside was executed in February 1943.

“The exhibition and its mode of presentation have been established it the original historic setting. It is unique. All combined with a fetching architectonic solution, a new building that houses remains of the cellar as well as a total solution offering the public a broad spectrum of informative possibilities. The Heavy Water Cellar has been transformed into a dramatic staging of events for the visiting public, on the site where it happened. The operation and its main characters are brought to life with light, sound, animation, film and physical scenography. It also offers an opportunity for contemplation as well as educating generations to come. What’s more, we have created new attractive facilities for conferences, meetings and social events in the future. It has been an exciting, devoted and creative collaboration with NIA, Gagarin and our other partners,”  says Arne Kvorning of Kvorning Design.

Memorial Ceremony and Exhibition Opening took place at Vemork, Rjukan, Norway on 28 February 2023.