Feb 2023

History in the foyer

What is an electricity network company? What challenges do its employees solve?

2This is what N1, Jutland’s largest electricity network firm and a part of Norlys, has set out to tell in unique, surprising, and involving ways.

Together with Kvorning Design, N1 has transformed its high-ceilinged foyer in Esbjerg, Denmark, into a discourse and experience zone for guests and employees. In this interstitial area, you can learn more about N1’s history, field of business, values, career opportunities, and more.

Norlys Workplace Design Specialist Pernille Søndergaard, says,

“We are particularly happy with a result that emphasizes the architecture; for example, banners that accent the ceiling height in a light and elegant way, and the organic shapes of the sofas that speak to the round design of the building.”

Kvorning Design has completed the assignment as a turnkey contractor.