Category: Concept design



3XN (lead), GXN, Kvorning Design, WSP, and Swedish MARELD landskapsarkitekter AB as consortium is prequalified to design a Maritime Centre for Frederikssund in Denmark. With our expertise in developing, designing and interpreting maritime cultural destinations, our goal is to contribute to the ongoing development of Frederikssund by uniting the city with the fjord and to meet the expectations of what a modern maritime centre should offer its citizens.


The AKANTUS project in Larvik

We are happy to share we are part of the winning team to develop a feasibility study and pre-concept for the 40,000 m2 AKANTUS project in Larvik, Norway – the city’s centerpiece project to highlight and strengthen Larvik’s history as a national attraction, as a force in urban development, and as an arena for co-creation.

We look forward to developing ideas for ‘Herregården’, the historic gardens ‘Herregårdshagen, and the new museum facility – all tied together in a strong landscape concept based on Larviks’ historical roots, its unique experiences, and its potential as a driver for urban development.

Last week, we started up the project on-site together with our clients Larvik kommune and Larvik Museum, and together with our team SLA (consortium lead), LPO arkitekter, and a selected group of experts.