Jun 2021

H.C. Andersen Art Centre

A new H.C. Andersen Art Centre will be established in the former stables of the Lerchenborg Estate, Denmark, and be the framework for an internationally recognized art and culture experience centre in this historical setting.

The vision is to invite Danish and international artists to create art based on H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales and universe. Kvorning Design in collaboration with Elgaard Architecture recently presented the first sketches and thoughts on the physical framework and the architectural vision as well as the exhibition and experience concept at an inspiring gathering with contributions from a wide range of stakeholders.

Arne Kvorning, Director of Kvorning Design, says –
‘Like a modern stage setting with artists, works and audience as co-creators, the building and spaces will be equipped with technical and scenographic possibilities and solutions that transform the building into a world class art center. Solutions that create breathless beauty, surprising effects and especially a unique setting of H.C. Andersen’s famous fairytales interpreted by international top artists. Experiences for the heart and brain – the body, too – art and experiences in absolute world class.’

The H.C. Andersen Art Centre is an independent organisation run by Susanne Weihe who has worked on the art center project since 2015.

Photo: Malthe Zimakoff