Jun 2021

Norwegian Red Cross’ white bus

Kvorning Design in co-operation with Light Bureau Norway win the competition to create experiences about Norwegian Red Cross’ humanitarian work in and around one of the white buses that brought Scandinavian prisoners home from the concentration camps by the end of WW2. The bus will be focal point for a new experience center for school classes and young people as well as visitors at the Norwegian Red Cross Head Offices in Oslo.

John Harald Bondevik, Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Red Cross, says –

“Our vision for the white bus is to help prevent history from repeating itself. We will make young people aware by sharing the story and what it led to. We will inspire to community involvement by showing what voluntary actors and individuals can achieve. The experience center will first and foremost provide an experience that opens the heart and brain to knowledge and competence. ”

Arne Kvorning, Director of Kvorning Design, says –

“We are proud to win this competition and create exciting and different experiences on behalf of the Norwegian Red Cross. It is unique to have the opportunity to work with one of the original white buses. It is also a great pleasure to work together with Light Bureau again. We expect a lot from that, too. ”