Dec 2015

Kvorning wins exhibition assignment for the Smack and Nature Centre at Strynø in the archipelago of Southern Funen

The archipelago is the world’s largest, flooded glacial landscape with settlements and forests under water. 55 islands and islets with a natural and cultural heritage of national value make up this fascinating archipelago. Landing this contract, Kvorning Design & Communication is now looking forward to convey amazing stories and facts so families can appreciate this treasure to the full.

Kvorning’s winning concept, ‘Above the islands and the sea’ is a thematic abstraction, which functions as a stepping stone, inviting visitors into the nature and the cultural landscape. The exhibition will prepare youngsters as well as adults for the adventures to come as they head out to see the shallow waters, the birds, the nature, the island of Strynø and the surrounding archipelago. A labyrinthine exhibition space for children will woo them into the universe of the archipelago and encourage them to discover the intriguing experiences indoors as well as outdoors.

The new exhibition of the Smack and Nature Centre at Strynø will be established on behalf of Naturturisme I/S Svendborg. The exhibition will open during the summer of 2016.