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The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Kvorning Design & Communication lands a second place in the competition for the role as Lead Exhibition Designer for an enormous, international exhibition assignment – 93 000 m2 of exhibitions, equalling almost 19 football fields – for The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt after a secret run up during the last year.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is nothing less than the world’s biggest archaeological museum and once finalized it will also be the world’s largest museum in all genres. Kvorning lands an honorary second place and while the contract was won by Atelier Brückner, Germany. The world’s top 10 exhibition designers were invited to the competition. In the competition process ten became five, then three… Finally, two agencies were put to the test and after three interviews and negotiation rounds in Cairo during the last twelve months, the winner was elected.

“Usually we are not proud of second places, but this silver medal is an exception. We are extremely proud to receive it, even if first places are the only thing that counts in this game. So, our warmest congratulations to Atelier Brückner in Berlin – and thanks for the game”, says Arne Kvorning.

Henegan Peng Architects, Ireland has designed the museum which is being built north of the pyramids. The museum is planned to open in 2018.