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Five teams prequalified for Natural Park Amager

Five teams, including SLA with Johansen Skovsted Architects, Rambøll and Kvorning Design & Communication as sub-consultants and Morten D.D. Hansen as consultant, have been selected for the project competition for Natural Park Amager. We are very much looking to the working on the team and the competition!


”Being Saudi”

Kvorning Design & Communication is to design a permanent exhibition at the new King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. The Saudi Culture and Heritage Gallery is opening in Dhahran in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in early 2018. The first exhibition for the Saudi Culture and Heritage Gallery addresses the question “Being Saudi”.

The contract for the exhibition was won in an international competition and includes design development stages from concept though detail design and content development.


About the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture – Ithra – is an initiative by Saudi Aramco, the national oil Company of Saudi Arabia, to promote cultural development within the Kingdom. Following an architectural design competition in 2007, the Norwegian firm Snøhetta was selected to design this prestigious cultural facility in Dhahran. The center contains cultural facilities, including an auditorium, cinema, library, exhibition hall, museum and archive. Its substantial exhibition hall hosts large-scale travelling exhibitions, as well as providing the setting for events, banquets and conferences.www.kingabdulazizcenter.com


The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Kvorning Design & Communication lands a second place in the competition for the role as Lead Exhibition Designer for an enormous, international exhibition assignment – 93 000 m2 of exhibitions, equalling almost 19 football fields – for The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt after a secret run up during the last year.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is nothing less than the world’s biggest archaeological museum and once finalized it will also be the world’s largest museum in all genres. Kvorning lands an honorary second place and while the contract was won by Atelier Brückner, Germany. The world’s top 10 exhibition designers were invited to the competition. In the competition process ten became five, then three… Finally, two agencies were put to the test and after three interviews and negotiation rounds in Cairo during the last twelve months, the winner was elected.

“Usually we are not proud of second places, but this silver medal is an exception. We are extremely proud to receive it, even if first places are the only thing that counts in this game. So, our warmest congratulations to Atelier Brückner in Berlin – and thanks for the game”, says Arne Kvorning.

Henegan Peng Architects, Ireland has designed the museum which is being built north of the pyramids. The museum is planned to open in 2018.


Kvorning wins exhibition project at The Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The concept ‘The secrets of the sea’ landed Kvorning Design & Communication the contract for a new exhibition about petroleum geology at The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in invited competition. The project proposal will give the Stavanger museum a new iconic element – an exhibition with a stunningly grand visual effect – which lure both youngsters and adults far down beneath the seabed.

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum’s new exhibition features science, activities and drama – pure Jules Vernes – as the working title of the winning concept ’The secrets of the sea’ suggests. In all parts of the exhibition hearts, brains and muscles of both children and grown-ups will be put to test. Zones with analogue and digital activities encourage collaborations, learning and play. This approach will surely appeal to the primary target group of the exhibition – 12 year old boys and girls – and most likely the rest of the families too.


Pedagogic substance and innovative wow-effect

“We see that Kvorning Design & Communication has understood the task and delivered a very resilient, well-reasoned and appealing concept. They unite wow-effect with the possibility of gaining facts and knowledge in an innovative design.” … “Our decision is based on what we think will make it possible to open a new exhibition about petroleum geology, with pedagogical substance and innovative wow-effect that will be strong enough to boost The Norwegian Petroleum Museum not only in 2017, but in many, many years to come.”


Whirlpool or gigantic wave

The design of the exhibition is inspired by the sea; travelling in the sea and along the seabed. A shape of a whirlpool or a gigantic wave pursues the theme inspired by tornadoes, the eyes of hurricanes, whirlpools and the human eye. The role of mankind is central: Getting the idea to extract oil from the bottom of the sea, overcoming the technical restrictions that hinder oil finding – and not least – extracting it from the sediments deep, deep down under the seabed.


Working closely with the museum

The new exhibition at The Norwegian Petroleum Museum will be developed in close liaison with Kvorning. By working together the museum will get a perfect starting point for a resourceful, purposeful and dynamic exhibition which incorporates a concept where analogue and digital means of communication actively blend together and turn advanced technical questions and subjects into straightforward and relevant information as well as fun and playful knowledge.


About The Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger conveys the history of the Norwegian petroleum industry in a modern and interactive museum environment. The museum opened in 1999 and has approximately 100,000 visitors each year.


Three teams fight for Nyborg Castle project

Kvorning Design & Communication’s proposal for the revitalization of the visitor communication of the Danish medieval capital Nyborg and the king’s residence Nyborg Castle has qualified for the final, second round in the international competition.

In Team 2 Kjær & Richter A/S are lead consultants supported by Architect MAA Frank Maali and Architect MAA Gemma Lalanda, Bente Lange Arkitekter SLA, NIRAS A/S as well as Structural Engineer Keld Abrahamsen and Kvorning design & communication acting as sub-consultants.

The fight for the second round will set off in November and conclude in March 2016 with the announcement of the winning proposal. The competition is announced by Østfyns Museer, Nyborg Municipality, The Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, The A.P. Møller Foundation and Realdania.

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Shortlisted for ‘New Trelleborg’

Kvorning Design & Communication made the shortlist in the contest for the project ‘New Trelleborg’. Five teams of architects have been invited to the second stage of the competition and will draw up their designs for the project. Kvorning Design & Communication are working with Henning Larsen Architects facing competition from Rambøll, SLA Landscape and NOUS Scandinavia among others.

“The Viking Castle is one of the finest fortresses built by Harald Bluetooth and it deserves the finest dissemination of its history. It must be a special assignment for the five teams to draft a design for a new visitor centre at such an intriguing location. I expect that the Viking age fortress at Trelleborg will be complemented by the very best solutions that our modern architects can accomplish”, says Director of the Danish National Museum Per Kristian Madsen.

The winning proposal will be announced on 29. January 2016, and the visitor centre at New Trelleborg is to be completed in 2020.


Finalist in the ‘Future Fredensborg’ competition

The finalists in Realdania and Fredensborg municipality’s competition for a concept to develop and strengthen Fredensborg city in the future have been elected. Kvorning Design & Communication work in a team with architects Kristine Jensens Tegnestue, Praksis Arkitekter and the Centre for Regional & Tourism Research. Stage 2 and final decision in January 2015.


New competition for novel exhibition concepts – DKK 3 million at stake

The Bikuben Foundation announces that they will fund a brand new competition called ‘Vision’ aiming to put focus on visionary and innovative exhibition concepts. The competition invites museums and exhibition spaces focusing on art and art history to compete for 3 million Danish kronor which shall grant that the winning concept will be realized. Deadline for entering the competition is 19 December 2014.

Søren Kaare-Andersen, CEO of The Bikuben Foundation, says –

’We think that exhibitions have very special qualities. They can help put socially relevant themes on the agenda, they might spark debates, they can spread new light upon, or provide multiple perspectives on our history and they give their audiences outlooks and insights. We look forward to rewarding new, visionary ideas, and we hope that this kind of competition will set off a discussion about the nature of the good exhibition.

Kvorning Design & Communication is of course thrilled to hear about the competition. Exhibitions as a media deserve more attention, and ‘Vision’ will undoubtedly contribute to that.


Exhibition concept for Oslo Public Library

In an international invited competition Kvorning Design & Communication were selected to develop the exhibition concept for the new Public Library in Oslo. It will open in 2018 and reside between two of the city’s prominent landmarks: The Oslo Opera by Snohetta and the central station. With a total area of 10,000 m2, the library will become one of the most modern libraries in Europe and have more than 2 million visitors annually.


Showcases for The Norwegian Defence Museum

With the incredible showcases by Scottish partner, Click Netherfield, Kvorning Design & Communication wins the competition of The Norwegian Defence Museum and gets the contract to provide showcases for the museum’s branches across the country. This summer Kvorning delivers showcases for The Norwegian Resistance Museum, The Armoury and the museum’s main area at Akershus in Oslo, where the design studio has also mounted the objects in the showcases.