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‘The Compartment of Dreams’

The new temporary exhibition ’The Compartment of Dreams’ at The Danish Railway Museum exploring the Danes’ train journeys abroad is designed by Kvorning Design & Communication. The exhibition features both journeys in luxurious blue Wagons-Lits carriages destined for iconic destinations and the haphazardly Interrail journeys in the worn-down, red carriages of DSB. The two different ways of travel were both offered by Danish travel agencies in the beginning of the 1970’ies.

Poetic exhibition
’The Compartment of Dreams’ is a poetic exhibition which aims to make the visitors dream themselves; to put the everyday hassle behind and indulge themselves for a short moment. Hence, the 400 m2 exhibition space is structured like a train journey; before, under and after – the preparations with the travel agency, travel packing checklists and foreign currencies, the compartments, meals and dreams and finally arriving at Gare du Nord and the city of cities: Paris.

The essence of the journey
To ensure top-class experiences, the artefacts of the exhibition have been carefully selected and have been limited to an absolute minimum. Aiming to capture the essence and the mood of the journeys and, at the same time, provide a calm and spacious setting that stimulates contemplation. Uniform backgrounds streamline the expression and secures a consistent context across the setting while interactive and analogue features complement each other across the exhibition.

The Compartment of Dreams’ opens at The Danish Railway Museum in Odense, Denmark on 18. March 2017.



‘The Compartment of Dreams’

The Association of Danish Museums (ODM / March 2017) presents the article ‘The compartment of Dreams’ about the Danish Railway Museum’s special exhibition about the Danes’ railway journeys abroad, which Kvorning Design & Communication has co-created. The exhibition opens 18 March – Take a trip to Odense and buy your ticket for the Wagon-Lits or Interrail. Enjoy your holiday and happy reading.


Futuristic exhibition design in Odense

Kvorning Design & Communication create a special exhibition on train safety for The Danish Railway Museum in Odense. Kvorning has outlined the futuristic scenography with atmospheric and surprising projections and designed staff uniforms and t-shirts for employees, which are also sold as merchandise in the museum shop. The exhibition opens on 20 June 2014.