Dec 2017

Kvorning to design Vega world heritage exhibition

Kvorning Design & Communication beats off international competition and wins the contract for the design of a world heritage exhibition about ‘Wildy, beautiful Vega’ commissioned by Vega Verdensarvsenter AS.

The concept of the exhibition is inspired by the rich cultural landscape of the Vega archipelago and forms an abstract retelling of the archipelago’s contrasting landscape with steep mountain sides and flat islands just above sea level. The interior will refer to the typography of the islands and the unique production of eider down, reflective acrylic plates will symbolise the Northern Lights and the selection of colours and materials will be inspired by the wooden houses and churches of Vega.

Vega is one of the world’s most fascinating archipelagos. More than 230 bird species, eiders in particular, thrive on the 6,500 islands, islets and rocks. Through 1,500 years the fishermen and farmers of Vega have lived sustainably in this inhospitable, maritime landscape close to the polar circle thanks to their unique either down harvesting. This is also why Vega’s cultural landscape was inscribed on UNESCO’s world heritage list in 2004.

Vega Verdensarvsenter will open to the public in the autumn of 2018 but the official opening will take place in 2019.