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Traces in Stone, Alta, Norway

Kvorning Design & Communication has masterminded the World Heritage Rock Art Centre – Alta Museum’s new 150 sq.m permanent exhibition, Traces in Stone, about Alta’s world heritage, rock art, which has opened in Alta in Finnmark county, Norway.

A modern, interactive exhibition about the rock art of Alta, which includes UNESCO-protected rock carvings and rock paintings made approximately 7,000 to 2,000 years ago. Alta has Northern Europe’s largest occurrence of rock art from the hunter-gatherer society. It constitutes the most important evidence of settlements and human activity so far north during prehistoric times. And as a result it was added to UNESCO’s world heritage list as early as 1985.

The exhibition offers plenty of interaction and entertainment for everyone. Here, for example, visitors young and old can sculpt out a rock carving, go exploring in the history of Alta in the ’Landscape Game’ and generate luminescent rock carvings in the dark by lamplight. Traces in Stone offers experiences and activities that will wow, inform, generate debate and provide food for thought. The exhibition also includes a selfie booth with Northern Lights, buttons and infographics that conjure up and animate the magic of the spirit world of the past.

Harriet Hagan, Manager of the World Heritage Rock Art Centre at Alta Museum, states:

“With Traces in Stone we invite the public to enjoy experiences, participation and exploration, while at the same time encouraging their curiosity and engagement. The exhibition provides an altogether different experience to previous exhibitions, and visitors will learn about rock art by using both their hands and their heads. The museum has been working on the exhibition for many years, and we are extremely proud that we can now show it off to both the local population and all our visitors.”

The exhibition was won as part of an international competition.


Kvorning and Norwegian Vindfang prequalified in Bergen

Kvorning Design & Communication together with Norwegian partner Vindfang are prequalified for the concept, exhibition and interior design competition regarding the new fishfarming visitor center at The Norwegian Fisheries Museum in Bergen.



Norwegian salmon spawns winning concept

Kvorning Design & Communication and the Norwegian Vindfang have won the competition for an exhibition concept about Norway’s second-largest export business, the aquaculture industry, for the Coastal Museum under the museum complex at Sør-Trøndelag in Norway. The concept of ’The Pioneers’ takes as its inspiration the tales of the initiative-takers ’from the fish-farming heartland’. Who were they? What did they think? How did they advance by trial and error? What proved successful? And what did they learn?

At Hitra, on an island just off Trondheim, it’s all about salmon. Here, fish eggs are fertilized, matured and hatched in fresh water. Here young salmonids grow to full size in the floating fish-rearing cages of the sea. And here at the Coastal Museum’s Sandstad Department they are harvested. So this is the obvious location to convey the history of the Norwegian fish-farming industry, and to let 24 pioneers tell you about their contribution to the development of Norway’s second-largest export trade.

Kvorning and Vindfang’s concept conveys Norwegian fish-farming history from 1970 to the present day through three major narratives: The local history, with animation of Hitra and the area; the national history of the pioneers along the coast from Finnmark to Vestfold, through wall panels, photos, interactive screens, short texts, objects in display cases, light and sound; and the history of the salmon and the industry as a reworked 360-degree show with moving pictures and natural sounds in Aegir’s Hall: the octagonal cinema. Silhouettes of the 24 pioneers reflect the dynamics. Past and present.

The concept was won in a competition, with Kvorning Design & Communication and Vindfang from Hitra teaming up to secure international experience for the assignment combined with a local presence. Head of Department Magnar Ansnes from the Coastal Museum at Hitra justifies the winner concept thus:

“Kvorning and Vindfang’s exhibition concept is both self-mediating and well suited to larger groups with a guide. The overall look of the concept works well, just as the route around it is self-evident. The re-purposing of existing installations by the team, e.g. in Aegir’s Hall, frees up resources and gives us more room for manoeuvre. And finally, the team’s excellent control of the light is a feature to which the museum attributes great importance.”



Kvorning in Norway

In recent years, Kvorning Design & Communication has developed, designed and produced exhibition solutions for 32 museums across Norway, from Alta in the north to Stavanger in the south.

Norwegian Road Museum, Lillehammer, Vega  World Heritage Center, Vega, Norwegian Petroleum Museum, Stavanger, Bamble Municipality, Smietangen, Langesund, Grimstad Bys Museer, Grimstad, World Heritage Norway; eight locations, Oslo Public Library, Oslo, Armed Forces Museum of Norway, four locations, Bjørneparken Predator Centre, Flå, Hallingdal, Borgny Svalastog, web and book design, Ivar Aasen-Tunet, Hovdebygda, Helgeland Museum, Mosjøen, The Hamsun Centre, Hamarøy – competition project, Marianne Heier, Bergen, Mjøsmuseum, Gjøvik, Museums in Sør-Trøndelag, Trondheim, Museum Nord, several locations, Nasjonalbiblioteket in Mo i Rana, Nordland Museum/Norwegian Jekt Trade Museum, Bodø, Nordlysattraksjonen AS, Alta – competition project, Norwegian Mining Museum, Kongsberg, Norwegian Glacier Museum, Fjærland, Norwegian Aviation Museum, Bodø, Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, Oslo, World Heritage Rock Art Center, Alta Museum IKS, Alta, Nord University, Bodø, Petter Dass Museum, Alstahaug, Ringve Music Museum, Ringve, Saltdal Municipality, Rognan, Sør-Troms Museum, Harstad, SKREI, Lofoten – competition project.




In recent years, Kvorning Design & Communication has strived to extend its activities significantly across Danish borders. So far the strategy has resulted in a boom of activities in Norway. Since our first Norwegian project – Petter Dass Museum at Alstahaug – Kvorning has developed, designed and produced exhibition solutions for 32 museums across Norway, from Alta in the north to Stavanger in the south. Denmark obviously remains Kvorning’s core market, but projects abroad account for an increasing number of design assignments. Partnerships and projects are currently in the works, under development or being completed in: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China and the USA.


Kvorning to design Vega world heritage exhibition

Kvorning Design & Communication beats off international competition and wins the contract for the design of a world heritage exhibition about ‘Wildy, beautiful Vega’ commissioned by Vega Verdensarvsenter AS.

The concept of the exhibition is inspired by the rich cultural landscape of the Vega archipelago and forms an abstract retelling of the archipelago’s contrasting landscape with steep mountain sides and flat islands just above sea level. The interior will refer to the typography of the islands and the unique production of eider down, reflective acrylic plates will symbolise the Northern Lights and the selection of colours and materials will be inspired by the wooden houses and churches of Vega.

Vega is one of the world’s most fascinating archipelagos. More than 230 bird species, eiders in particular, thrive on the 6,500 islands, islets and rocks. Through 1,500 years the fishermen and farmers of Vega have lived sustainably in this inhospitable, maritime landscape close to the polar circle thanks to their unique either down harvesting. This is also why Vega’s cultural landscape was inscribed on UNESCO’s world heritage list in 2004.

Vega Verdensarvsenter will open to the public in the autumn of 2018 but the official opening will take place in 2019.


Kvorning wins contract with Norwegian Alta Museum

Kvorning Design & Communication lands a contract with the World Heritage Rock Art Centre – Alta Museum IKS in Alta, Norway for a permanent exhibition about the rock art of Alta named ’Evidence in rock’.

Alta has the biggest known collection of rock carvings dating back to the hunter-gatherer society. The rock art includes both rock carvings and rock paintings crafted 7,000 to 2,000 years ago. The carvings are the primary evidences of settlements and human activities this far North during prehistoric time. Due to this fact, the rock art of Alta was listed as a cultural heritage on UNESCO’s world heritage list in 1985.

’Evidence in rock’ offers lots of interaction and entertainment for the entire family. The 150 m2 exhibition will open during the summer of 2018.


‘Deep Secrets’

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger and Kvorning Design & Communication launch a new exhibition, Deep Secrets, about petroleum geology. The concept features a distinctive key idea accompanied by stunningly grand visual effects and offer facts and knowledge in a pioneering form.

The new exhibition at the Petroleum Museum, Deep Secrets, is pure Jules Vernes! Indeed! Focusing on exploration, activities and drama, lots of challenges for hearts and minds, areas with both analogue and digital attractions which stimulate collaboration, learning and play, the exhibition appeals to 12-year olds in particular – and thus involves entire families.

200 million years ago

’Deep Secrets’ explains why there is so much oil and gas embedded in the seabed off the Norwegian shores. The visitors will embark on a journey taking them 200 million years back in time to find out how algae that absorbed energy from the sunlight, sank to the bottom and were transformed into oil and gas by slow, geological processes, can give us energy today. We hope and believe that this undertaking will become the new attraction at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. Our goal is to entice our visitors’ curiosity with new, exciting dissemination, grand design and a brand new, powerful architectonic element within the museum’, says Anja W. Fremo, Head of Exhibition and Communication at The Norwegian Petroleum Museum.

Oil stream

The design is inspired by oil and the sea. Two big, billowing walls stand as a moving stream that cuts through the exhibition space, the underwater and the underground. When you move in between the walls you will face a subsea universe with a 360⁰ 3D-narrative in moving images illustrating the oil formation process. The surfaces of the walls display facts as well as interactive elements.

Learn and play

’Deep Secrets’ have been developed through a close collaboration between The Norwegian Petroleum Museum and Kvorning Design & Communication. The joint efforts have resulted in a concept with both analogue and digital types of dissemination and interactive elements. They blend smoothly together and convert technically difficult questions and problems into simple and useful knowledge thus combining education and entertainment in a playful way.

The exhibition opens to the public on 31 May 2017 and was won in an invited competition.


Changed Kvorning address in Norway

Kvorning’s address in Norway has been changed to –

Kvorning Design & Communication ApS
NO: c/o Alliance AS · Billingstadsletta 19 A · 1396 Billingstad



Kvorning wins sketch project for Norwegian coastal heritage centre

Kvorning Design & Communication wins the assignment to do a sketch project with initial blueprints which outline a new coastal heritage centre, Horisont, at Smietangen in Langesund in southern Norway. Horisont is intended to visualize the links between the residents and coast in the past, present and future.

Life on the coast

The exhibition offers visual and sensory experiences of how the coastal regions influence us as individuals. Visitors will be able to experience the unique nature up close and get fascinating insights in the coastal heritage of Southern Norway.

In shape of a 500 m2 multi-purpose building, the centre will feature a fish restaurant, exhibition and suitable activities.


Kvorning wins exhibition project at The Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The concept ‘The secrets of the sea’ landed Kvorning Design & Communication the contract for a new exhibition about petroleum geology at The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in invited competition. The project proposal will give the Stavanger museum a new iconic element – an exhibition with a stunningly grand visual effect – which lure both youngsters and adults far down beneath the seabed.

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum’s new exhibition features science, activities and drama – pure Jules Vernes – as the working title of the winning concept ’The secrets of the sea’ suggests. In all parts of the exhibition hearts, brains and muscles of both children and grown-ups will be put to test. Zones with analogue and digital activities encourage collaborations, learning and play. This approach will surely appeal to the primary target group of the exhibition – 12 year old boys and girls – and most likely the rest of the families too.


Pedagogic substance and innovative wow-effect

“We see that Kvorning Design & Communication has understood the task and delivered a very resilient, well-reasoned and appealing concept. They unite wow-effect with the possibility of gaining facts and knowledge in an innovative design.” … “Our decision is based on what we think will make it possible to open a new exhibition about petroleum geology, with pedagogical substance and innovative wow-effect that will be strong enough to boost The Norwegian Petroleum Museum not only in 2017, but in many, many years to come.”


Whirlpool or gigantic wave

The design of the exhibition is inspired by the sea; travelling in the sea and along the seabed. A shape of a whirlpool or a gigantic wave pursues the theme inspired by tornadoes, the eyes of hurricanes, whirlpools and the human eye. The role of mankind is central: Getting the idea to extract oil from the bottom of the sea, overcoming the technical restrictions that hinder oil finding – and not least – extracting it from the sediments deep, deep down under the seabed.


Working closely with the museum

The new exhibition at The Norwegian Petroleum Museum will be developed in close liaison with Kvorning. By working together the museum will get a perfect starting point for a resourceful, purposeful and dynamic exhibition which incorporates a concept where analogue and digital means of communication actively blend together and turn advanced technical questions and subjects into straightforward and relevant information as well as fun and playful knowledge.


About The Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger conveys the history of the Norwegian petroleum industry in a modern and interactive museum environment. The museum opened in 1999 and has approximately 100,000 visitors each year.


Kvorning to tell the tales of Norwegian national icon

Kvorning Design & Communication wins the assignment of a draft project and the main communication concept for the forthcoming Norwegian experience and science centre ‘Anna Karoline’ – Norsk jektefartsmuseum. The centre will convey the heritage of Norwegian jekt shipping and will be located by the Bodø lake in north-western Norway.

For more than 400 years the jekt was an important freight vessel for local tradesmen and its wide body and sails witness of the local boatbuilding traditions of the coast stretching from Vestlandet and northwards. The world’s only remaining Nordlandsjekt ‘Anna Karoline’ will form a central part in the dissemination of the Norwegian jekt shipping heritage.

The draft project will be realized in the beginning of 2016 and the main project will be developed as Rintala Eggertsson Arkitekter, Oslo, finalizes the blueprints for the stunning buildings.

The experience and science centre will be completed during the Spring of 2018.


Norwegian World Heritage exhibition

The agency Spekter in Oslo and Kvorning Design & Communication were chosen to develop the concept for the upcoming permanent exhibition about the Norwegian World Heritage sites – locations, buildings, and villages etc. that are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


Kvorning lands new exhibition job in Norway

In international competition The Museum Foundation of Grimstad in Southern Norway chose Kvorning design & communication to create a permanent exhibition about fellow townsman Morten Smith Petersen (1817-1872) – one of the first and most influential Norwegian ship-owners, who also practiced law and politics.

Kvorning Design & Communication will design the exhibition about Morten Smith Petersen’s significant influence on local, national and international matters. The setting will be Hasseldalen in Grimstad, which Smith Petersen bought in 1848. Here, his ships were crafted and he built his shipping business.

As a ship-owner and businessman Smith Petersen was a keen advocate of modernizing and professionalizing the Norwegian shipping trade and as a politician he believed strongly in free trade and the “autonomy of the shipping companies”. Smith Petersen was also co-founder of Det norske Veritas (DNV) in 1864.

The exhibition in Hasseldalen, Grimstad in Southern Norway is planned to open 1. September 2015.


Innovative mounting of artefacts with 3D-print

The use of 3D-print is increasing rapidly. Right now it’s important to develop new ideas as to how this technology can be used and explore its limits. For The Norwegian Defence Museum Kvorning Design & Communication produced a large series of individual mounting brackets for the museum’s unique weapons in 3D-print. The price of each bracket is very competitive compared to traditional forging.


Exhibition concept for Oslo Public Library

In an international invited competition Kvorning Design & Communication were selected to develop the exhibition concept for the new Public Library in Oslo. It will open in 2018 and reside between two of the city’s prominent landmarks: The Oslo Opera by Snohetta and the central station. With a total area of 10,000 m2, the library will become one of the most modern libraries in Europe and have more than 2 million visitors annually.


Expressive exhibition design at The Norwegian Road Museum

On 4 June 2014 the new permanent exhibition ‘The Time and The Road’ will open at The Norwegian Road Museum. The opening also marks the 150th anniversary of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA). The exhibition concept and the interactive design are created by Kvorning Design & Communication in liaison with the museum team. The idea is to communicate the history of the Norwegian roads so visitors can appreciate the challenges, the expertise and the willpower that have tied Norway together through engineering, manual labour and machine power. The architectural solutions and flexible communication will spur insights and experiences among the visitors. The exhibition is a family attraction located north of Oslo (a 3 hour drive) and makes for an ideal excursion if you plan to visit Norway this summer.
For more information about The Norwegian Road Museum, visit www.vegvesen.no


Showcases for The Norwegian Defence Museum

With the incredible showcases by Scottish partner, Click Netherfield, Kvorning Design & Communication wins the competition of The Norwegian Defence Museum and gets the contract to provide showcases for the museum’s branches across the country. This summer Kvorning delivers showcases for The Norwegian Resistance Museum, The Armoury and the museum’s main area at Akershus in Oslo, where the design studio has also mounted the objects in the showcases.