Jul 2015

Shortlisted for ‘New Trelleborg’

Kvorning Design & Communication made the shortlist in the contest for the project ‘New Trelleborg’. Five teams of architects have been invited to the second stage of the competition and will draw up their designs for the project. Kvorning Design & Communication are working with Henning Larsen Architects facing competition from Rambøll, SLA Landscape and NOUS Scandinavia among others.

“The Viking Castle is one of the finest fortresses built by Harald Bluetooth and it deserves the finest dissemination of its history. It must be a special assignment for the five teams to draft a design for a new visitor centre at such an intriguing location. I expect that the Viking age fortress at Trelleborg will be complemented by the very best solutions that our modern architects can accomplish”, says Director of the Danish National Museum Per Kristian Madsen.

The winning proposal will be announced on 29. January 2016, and the visitor centre at New Trelleborg is to be completed in 2020.