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New exhibition for Danfoss in Als

Kvorning Design & Communication is responsible for the concept, design and production of the Danfoss Museum’s new permanent exhibition, ‘Mads and his dreams’, about the founder, Mads Clausen (1905-1966). Set on his native farm in Als, the exhibition takes its cue from Mads’s ability to dream throughout his life. From pure imagination and fervent desire during his boyhood, through inspiration and creativity in his youth, to concrete goals for the future during adulthood.

‘Mads and his dreams’ brings to life the tale of a person who is capable of dreaming, setting himself goals and accomplishing them. A narrative device with conscious dramatic art, light, sound and projections. The rooms of the farm create filmic backdrops to the anecdotes. A poetic and unconstrained layer that underpins the narrative. Displays operate on sight-lines and axes, positioning central experiences and points de vues at the end of them, with one room thereby introducing the next. In parallel with Mads’s life story and Danfoss’s development, the rooms and the stories unfurl – ups and downs – joys and sorrows.