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Impressive acclaim for the Prison Museum

The Prison Museum in Horsens made it to the finals and top ten in The Luigi Micheletti Awards presented by The European Museum Academy at this year’s ceremony hosted in Skopje, Macedonia. The jury’s motivation was that the Prison Museum has contributed to making Horsens, a former prison town, a positive experience and the jury also praised the authentic prison narratives. In total 32 museums were competing for the The Luigi Micheletti Award.

The Prison Museum also fighted head to head in the finals at the museum business’ world championships, The Best in Heritage 2017, at the annual global conference taking place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Making the finals and being appointed as one of Europe’s 10 most influential museums this year, is a great achievement both for the Prison Museum and for exhibition designers Kvorning Design & Communication! Big congratulations to the Prison Museum and everybody on board the team!