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Impressive acclaim for the Prison Museum

The Prison Museum in Horsens made it to the finals and top ten in The Luigi Micheletti Awards presented by The European Museum Academy at this year’s ceremony hosted in Skopje, Macedonia. The jury’s motivation was that the Prison Museum has contributed to making Horsens, a former prison town, a positive experience and the jury also praised the authentic prison narratives. In total 32 museums were competing for the The Luigi Micheletti Award.

The Prison Museum also fighted head to head in the finals at the museum business’ world championships, The Best in Heritage 2017, at the annual global conference taking place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Making the finals and being appointed as one of Europe’s 10 most influential museums this year, is a great achievement both for the Prison Museum and for exhibition designers Kvorning Design & Communication! Big congratulations to the Prison Museum and everybody on board the team!


The Prison Museum nominated – again

The Prison Museum in Horsens has been nominated for two major, international awards which will be given out at ceremonies in Croatia and Macedonia this week: The Luigi Micheletti Award, which EMA, The European Museum Academy awards an European museum which communicate European history of the 20th century in an innovative way, and Best in Heritage 2017, which is the European Heritage Association’s award for influential projects.

Last year the Prison Museum received the Museums+Heritage Award 2016 for best international exhibition and The InAVation Award 2016 for Europe’s best AV-based storytelling.

Setting off in 2012, Kvorning Design & Communication and The Prison Museum in Horsens have been collaborating closely on concept development, exhibition design and implementation. The transformation of Horsens State Penitentiary into one of the world’s foremost prison museums has been carried out in four stages from 2012 to 2017.


More glory for Horsens Prison Museum

Congratulations once again Horsens Prison Museum, this time awarded second prize in the competition Historiske Dages Fornyelsespris 2017.

Historiske Dages Fornyelsespris emphasizes and praises new, innovative, surprising and alternative ways to disseminate history and cultural heritage – ways which make them reach a broader audience.

The committee motivates the Prison Museum’s second prize with the following statement:

“The museum relates to a greater perspective, not only including the society, the offender and the sanctions but also the stories behind; for instance, how imprisonment of one parent affects families and children. Five additional sections at the museum’s exhibition, new website content and last, but not least, a Twitter-profile which focuses on the current debate on the rule of law and how we relate to those who have wronged society.”

Congratulations also to the winners Øhavsmuseet Faaborg and Anders Olling and Erik Havsteen landing the third prize. 19 contributions were nominated in total.


New exhibitions at Horsens Prison Museum

Horsens Prison Museum, Horsens Museum and Kvorning Design & Communication open yet another round of exhibitions in the authentic, rough setting of the former state prison in Horsens. ’The children of the convicts’, ’Discussion room’, ’Convict tales’ and ’Thematic narratives’ offer new dimensions to life behind bars.

Faithful towards the Prison Museum’s mission to be a vivid, influencing museum and the vision of becoming the world’s best prison museum, the exhibition encourages visitors to consider and reflect upon – and even enter a dialogue with – the four themes of the exhibition.

Kvorning’s exhibition concept combines interactive and analogue means to render the reality under lock and key. Moving images, projections, lights, sounds and scents reproduce life in jail and digital as well as analogue discussion forums keep the exhibition up to date.


Horsens Prison Museum wins second international award

Horsens Prison Museum, Horsens Museum and Kvorning Design & Communication win second international award – The International Award 2016 at The Museums+Heritage Award Show 18 May 2016 in London.

The judges find Horsens Prison Museum –

“Immersive and a highly personal, emotional experience with sensitive interpretation and a delicate use of different media, this winning project really showed the human story and not just one of the buildings it occupies”.


Danish Prison Museum wins InAVation Award 2016

The Danish Prison Museum in Horsens and partners Kvorning Design & Communication and AV-HUSET win prestigious international InAVation Award 2016 as Best Visitor Attraction due to the museum’s brilliant storytelling.

Using advanced AV-technology the exhibition gives visitors a unique opportunity to follow 10 authentic identities – former inmates and prison officers – and learn the stories about their life on the inside. RFID-technology, animations, lights, sounds and lots of analogue effects form genuine experiences for youngsters and grown-ups while offering a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of an unknown world.

The InAVation Awards’ 10th. price giving ceremony took place at ISE 2016 trade show in Amsterdam on the 9. February, 2016.



Graphic identity and design for
e-publication, In Focus

Kvorning Design & Communication developed graphic identity and design for Museum Insider’s new e-publication, In Focus.

‘The objective of this publication is to focus on an outstanding project and illustrate the processes required, from defining the project concept at the very beginning, to evaluating visitor experience at the very end’ (Ann E. Curtis, editor).

The first issue showcases Kvorning’s exhibition project for Horsens Prison Museum in Denmark as case.

INFocus Magazine vol 1 final


Prison Museum with Exceptional Atmosphere and Authenticity

The Prison Museum in Horsens, Denmark, reopened on 20th May 2015, marking the 162nd anniversary of the institution. For several months the museum and Kvorning Design & Communication have worked together on concept development, exhibition design and implementation to create an exhibition with an exceptional atmosphere and authenticity. The exhibition was funded with contributions from Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond (9.8 million DKK) and Horsens Municipality (2.8 million DKK).

Now visitors at the Prison Museum in Horsens, Denmark, can experience the prison world from several new perspectives, taking the point of view of former inmates as well as guards, as the second phase (of three in total) of the ongoing expansion of the museum’s exhibitions has reopened. Taking up even more space at the former state prison, the exhibitions are more advanced than ever and apply AV-technology to offer the visitors original features. For instance, on arrival guests can choose from ten authentic identities and get a personalized experience facilitated by RFID technology as they move around the premises. The prison comes to life through new technologies, ambient and dramatic historic narratives, animations, lighting, sounds and analogue means, which give adults as well as youngsters authentic and personal insights.