H.C. Andersen Art Centre

A new H.C. Andersen Art Centre will be established in the former stables of the Lerchenborg Estate, Denmark, and be the framework for an internationally recognized art and culture experience centre in this historical setting.

The vision is to invite Danish and international artists to create art based on H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales and universe. Kvorning Design in collaboration with Elgaard Architecture recently presented the first sketches and thoughts on the physical framework and the architectural vision as well as the exhibition and experience concept at an inspiring gathering with contributions from a wide range of stakeholders.

Arne Kvorning, Director of Kvorning Design, says –
‘Like a modern stage setting with artists, works and audience as co-creators, the building and spaces will be equipped with technical and scenographic possibilities and solutions that transform the building into a world class art center. Solutions that create breathless beauty, surprising effects and especially a unique setting of H.C. Andersen’s famous fairytales interpreted by international top artists. Experiences for the heart and brain – the body, too – art and experiences in absolute world class.’

The H.C. Andersen Art Centre is an independent organisation run by Susanne Weihe who has worked on the art center project since 2015.

Photo: Malthe Zimakoff


Norwegian Red Cross’ white bus

Kvorning Design in co-operation with Light Bureau Norway win the competition to create experiences about Norwegian Red Cross’ humanitarian work in and around one of the white buses that brought Scandinavian prisoners home from the concentration camps by the end of WW2. The bus will be focal point for a new experience center for school classes and young people as well as visitors at the Norwegian Red Cross Head Offices in Oslo.

John Harald Bondevik, Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Red Cross, says –

“Our vision for the white bus is to help prevent history from repeating itself. We will make young people aware by sharing the story and what it led to. We will inspire to community involvement by showing what voluntary actors and individuals can achieve. The experience center will first and foremost provide an experience that opens the heart and brain to knowledge and competence. ”

Arne Kvorning, Director of Kvorning Design, says –

“We are proud to win this competition and create exciting and different experiences on behalf of the Norwegian Red Cross. It is unique to have the opportunity to work with one of the original white buses. It is also a great pleasure to work together with Light Bureau again. We expect a lot from that, too. ”


Exhibition for Alta Museum

Kvorning Design wins permanent exhibition, Resources and Identity, in co-operation with Bright Norway and Gagarin, Iceland, for the World Heritage Center for Rock Art – Alta Museum, Norway. The exhibition will complement Alta Museum’s dissemination of Alta from the Stone Age to the present day.

The contract covers design, production and implementation of Resources and Identity. Kvorning Design also masterminded the exhibition, Traces in Stone, about Alta’s rock art inscribed into UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The exhibition will share Alta’s unique history and present with a wide range of themes covering the period from the Stone Age to the present day. The exhibition will examine how Alta’s resources form the basis of human activity and identity. The overall theme being “Who are we who created and create Alta?”

Managing Director Jan S. Dølør, World Heritage Rock Art Centre – Alta Museum, says –
“We look forward to embarking on the process of completing this part of the basis exhibition together with the team from Kvorning Design, Bright Norway and Gagarin. An incredibly important work for us in 2021 and 2022. We are looking forward to presenting the new exhibition to both locals and visitors”.

Arne Kvorning, CEO, Kvorning Design, states –
“It is a great pleasure for Kvorning Design and our Nordic team to get the opportunity to continue the good collaboration with Alta Museum which we started when Kvorning Design won the exhibition Traces in Stone. Now we have teamed up with Bright Norway and Gagarin and will further develop the overall concept in close and creative co-operation with the museum team and management and produce the whole exhibition, too”.


Malmö throughout 14,000 years

Kvorning Design creates complete exhibition concept, Clues – postholes, DNA and other traces of prehistoric times, for Malmö Museer, Sweden. A permanent exhibition about the Malmö Region throughout 14,000 years. From the Old Stone Age to the early Middle Ages. Malmö Museer are responsible for production and implementation. The concept was won in invited competition.


COVID-19 in international museum perspective

The COVID-19 conseqvenses are a mutual global challenge to museums. Arne Kvorning, Kvorning Design, shares his view on the future together with a number of international clients and partners.

Article in Danish, only, published in the Spring 2021 edition of the Danish museum magazine, Danske Museer.

COVID-19 i internationalt museumsperspektiv


Rock’n’roll or exhibition design?

Arne Kvorning graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts / School of Architecture / Institute of Visual Communication in Copenhagen on February 28, 1986. The big question then – rock’n’roll guitarist or exhibition designer? After following both tracks for years, he ended up as a guitar playing exhibition designer.


LIFE Campus Outdoor Learning

Kvorning Design will act as a turnkey contractor regarding the LIFE Campus Outdoor Learning Lab in Lyngby, Denmark, on behalf of the LIFE Foundation.

The project is based on an approved concept design and outdoor workshop session. Phase 1 includes arrival, learning shelters, arboretum, pometum, hill and inspiration folder about outdoor and indoor signage and wayfinding.


Norwegian World Heritage Sites

Consortium of Kvorning Design, Bright Norway, and Gagarin wins competition about Norwegian World Heritage basic exhibitions on behalf of The Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Norway. The contract includes exhibition content, design, production and installation at three world heritage sites so far. The Vega Archipelago, West Norwegian Fjords – Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord and Alta Museum – World Heritage Center for Rock carvings.


Prominent Professional and Prolific

Denmark rightly prides itself of being a design nation. Still, when talking about Danish designers media and fellows alike seem to concentrate on those few who also seem to cope with marketing and press releases. Contrary to these, Arne Kvorning who turns 60 on November 22, 2020, is certainly one thriving under the radar. It could be explained by his mild and modest personality but it’s also very much due to the fact that he excels in areas which most people neglect as design or perhaps don’t even notice. And yet for nearly 30 years, millions of people around the world have been able to appreciate Kvorning’s ability to create exhibitions in which design, story telling and the sense of space are effortlessly brought together into a whole that never shadows the topic they are vehicle for.

Born in Viborg, one of Denmark’s three ancient capitals, Kvorning graduated cum laude in 1986 from the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and soon established himself later with a number of touring exhibition concepts for the Danish Cultural Institute, which among many honours also brought him the first prize at the International Academy of Architecture in Sao Paulo in 2000. Since then he has developed Kvorning Design to become the most significant architectural practice of the Nordic region specialising in exhibition design, with more than 5000 projects on his curriculum. Commissions stem from more than 50 countries covering an impressive range of typologies from museums like London’s Imperial War Museum or educational institutions like The Blue Planet in Copenhagen’s suburbia, to complex intercultural communication on Unesco World Heritage at 14 different locations and blockbuster-themed presentations at world exhibitions in Shanghai and in Taipei. Many of these tasks originate from close collaboration with leading architects such as Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Dominique Perrault, Normann Foster, Snøhetta, BIG, 3XN and Henning Larsen which is another way to say that they regard Kvorning as a peer – knowing that his keen eye for their concepts and his details will always add that little extra which makes their building accessible and pleasant to visit.

Despite all achievements, Kvorning really hasn’t had the chance to show his prowess in music although he is in fact quite competent at shredding one of the six strings guitars in collection. Now that he’s reaching maturity, it’s perhaps time that someone gives him the opportunity to bridge his two passions so he can show spin a story of being part of The Wrecking Crew.

Eric Messerschmidt, Director, Danish Cultural Center, Beijing, China