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Arne Kvorning: ‘Bringing Space Dramatically to Life’, IM 48, 2017

‘Bringing Space Dramatically to Life’. Interview with senior exhibition designer and architect MAA MDD, Arne Kvorning, Kvorning Design & Communication, on museum and exhibition design, Informatica Museologica 48, 2017 (issued April 2018), Museum Documentation Centre, Zagreb, Croatia.


Heading for Croatia …

Museum Documentation Centre in Zagreb has invited Arne Kvorning to share Kvorning Design & Communication’s experiences with international exhibition concepts with special focus on the Prison Museum in Horsens and dissemination of world heritages in general.

On the themes ’Magic places and magic moments/ Behind bars’ Arne Kvorning speaks about the importance of close collaborations between the exhibition designer and the museum at all stages of the process- from initial idea to final visitor experience. He also speaks about finding a base in the content and let the story and the vision influence the concept and the form. The Prison Museum’s exhibition, ’Lorentzen’s tunnel’ and lots of international cultural heritage projects, from Norway to Qatar, will be presented as case stories.