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Exhibition design lectures by Arne Kvorning

Exhibition design lectures by Arne Kvorning, senior exhibition designer MDD, architect MAA – info/booking +45 41 13 17 41 / [email protected]


‘It is crucial with a well-established co-creational process. Then people listen to each other. Respect each other’s knowledge and backgrounds.’


‘Develop your sense of room and space, be precise in your use of the many different means of expression – be interested and open to a lot of different themes and knowledge. Be open, and listen carefully …’


‘Exhibition design is very different from working with architecture. Exhibitions should tell stories through artefacts, interpretation, and scenography.’


Focus on concept development and co-creation between museums and designers. The full process from concept to exhibition.’


Arne Kvorning: ‘Bringing Space Dramatically to Life’, IM 48, 2017

‘Bringing Space Dramatically to Life’. Interview with senior exhibition designer and architect MAA MDD, Arne Kvorning, Kvorning Design & Communication, on museum and exhibition design, Informatica Museologica 48, 2017 (issued April 2018), Museum Documentation Centre, Zagreb, Croatia.


Kvorning at MA 2017 Show

Meet Kvorning Design & Communication at the Museums Association Conference & Exhibition 2017 Show in Manchester on 16-18 November!

Visit our stand 23 for a chat about exhibition design, interior design and graphic artwork! Enjoy our on-stand demos on Thursday, 14.15 and Friday, 11.15 – ‘The Big Apple’ – Do you need an exhibition concept? Maybe a 3.5m big apple, a full-size shark or dino? Come to find out how Kvorning can help!




‘Remember the Exhibitions …’, IMCC 2017

Kvorning Design & Communication attends IMCC, The International Museum Construction Congress in Copenhagen on November 5-7, 2017 as sponsor and speaker.

Passionate about exhibition, architect and senior exhibition designer Arne Kvorning will elaborate on the important collaboration among client, curators, planners, architects – and the exhibition designers. The museum is constructed to house an exhibition – so let us work together from the start. Remember the exhibitions!



Heading for Croatia …

Museum Documentation Centre in Zagreb has invited Arne Kvorning to share Kvorning Design & Communication’s experiences with international exhibition concepts with special focus on the Prison Museum in Horsens and dissemination of world heritages in general.

On the themes ’Magic places and magic moments/ Behind bars’ Arne Kvorning speaks about the importance of close collaborations between the exhibition designer and the museum at all stages of the process- from initial idea to final visitor experience. He also speaks about finding a base in the content and let the story and the vision influence the concept and the form. The Prison Museum’s exhibition, ’Lorentzen’s tunnel’ and lots of international cultural heritage projects, from Norway to Qatar, will be presented as case stories.


Kvorning Conferences 2017

Kvorning Design & Communication often participates in museum conferences in Denmark and abroad. With exhibition stands, and as speakers sharing our insights on exhibition design, interpretation of cultural heritage, cultural tourism etc.

National Trust, Hardwick Hall, England. Exhibition designer Arne Kvorning: ‘How to enliven old buildings with special attention to cultural and world heritages’. February 2017

Arctic Design Week, Rovaniemi, Finland. Exhibition designer Arne Kvorning: ‘How to create excellent customer experience with design’. 23-24 February 2017

ODM Conference, Aarhus, Denmark. Exhibition stand. 7 March 2017

Museums+Heritage Show 2017, London, England. Exhibition Designer Arne Kvorning: ‘Touching the untouchable – how to bring back life to listed buildings and heritage sites from Norway to Qatar’. May 2017

Best in Heritage 2017, Dubrovnic, Croatia. Exhibition designer Arne Kvorning: ‘The transformation of Horsens State Prison to state of the art prison museum’. 28-30 September 2017

Museum Documentation Centre, Zagreb, Croatia. Exhibition designer Arne Kvorning: ‘How to bring back life to listed buildings and heritage sites from Norway to Qatar’. 2 October 2017

2nd Annual Cultural Tourism Middle East, Dubai, UAE. ‘How can you attract visitors to your cultural attractions?’ Exhibition designer Arne Kvorning: ‘Bring back life … Storytelling through scenography and exhibition design’. Exhibition stand. 1-2 November 2017

Museums Association Show, Manchester, UK. Exhibition stand. 16-17 November 2017

International Museum Construction Congress 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark. Exhibition Designer Arne Kvorning: ‘Remember the exhibitions. Co-operation between exhibition designers and museums when conceptualizing new museums’. 5 November 2017.

Contact Gitte Olsson, [email protected] for conference bookings, museum organizations’ network meetings etc.


25 years in exhibition business

When the bells ring out at midnight and 2017 sets off, Kvorning Design & Communication can formally celebrate 25 years in the exhibition business. Designing and producing exhibitions around the globe, Arne Kvorning’s journey took off in 1992. Later forming one of the biggest Danish and Nordic teams working on the international scene, his line-up has now made it into the league of the world’s 10 most influential exhibition design agencies.

The upcoming New Year’s Eve is a historic milestone for Kvorning Design & Communication and marks 25 years in the exhibition business. Since 1992 the Copenhagen based exhibition team has created magic rooms and moments for people in more than 50 countries around the globe. Blending architecture, narration and design, vivid and vibrant exhibitions are formed, and by means of dramaturgic effects and narrative techniques from film production the agency’s modern dissemination captivate audiences worldwide.

Delphi, Dover, Dubai …
The Kvorning team design exhibitions of any kind; simple or complex, big or small. Keeping the doors open, over the years the design jobs have become bigger and more advanced and the invitations to tender for the world’s biggest exhibition assignments arrive with increasing frequency. Right now the team is working on several major projects: At Shannxi History Museum in Xi’an, China, Kvorning is designing a touring exhibition around a series of inaccessible, underground tombs with unique frescos from the Tang dynasty through virtual reality, animations and movies. Kvorning is also designing for the visitor centre at Greece’s largest bauxite mine for The Vagonetto Fokis Mining Park in Delphi. A few years ago Kvorning conceptualized, designed and installed one of English Heritage’s most popular tourist attractions, Dover Secret Wartime Tunnels. Here Kvorning won the competition for the exhibition telling the tale of how approximately 400 000 allied soldiers were rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk during WW2. This operation was masterminded and organized in the tunnel system reaching far into the white cliffs of Dover. In Dubai and other emirates several interesting competitions are ongoing. In Norway, one of Kvorning’s key markets, the team is working on designs for Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger, Norsk Jektefartsmuseum at Bodø and no less than eight Norwegian world heritage sites listed by UNESCO. The agency is indeed also producing for their home market; recently the Prison Museum in Horsens, which Kvorning revitalized with storytelling, projections, interactive elements, light, sounds and smells, was awarded several international prizes. Last week Kvorning finished in a very honorary second place in fierce competition with nine international exhibition designers as Lead Exhibition Designer for the exhibitions at the world’s largest archaeological museum, Grand Egyptian Museum, in Cairo.


Networking autumn of 2014

See you in Wales at Museums Association Conference & Exhibition in Cardiff from the 9 to 10 October? On 12 to 14 November you will find Kvorning Design & Communication in Kolding, Denmark taking part in ODM’s yearly trade briefing at Comwell Kolding. Exhibition and Design is the focal point at ‘Hands on in the age of digital dissemination – what works and what doesn’t?’ Arne Kvorning will present Kvorning Design & Communication’s take on the elements of the future – will they be tactile, computer based or something else?


Interview with Arne Kvorning in MiD Magasin

Interview with exhibition designer Arne Kvorning, Kvorning Design & Communication, about the exhibition media’s perspectives, production design and scenographic approaches in MiD Magasin No. 30 March 2014.