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New exhibitions at Horsens Prison Museum

Horsens Prison Museum, Horsens Museum and Kvorning Design & Communication open yet another round of exhibitions in the authentic, rough setting of the former state prison in Horsens. ’The children of the convicts’, ’Discussion room’, ’Convict tales’ and ’Thematic narratives’ offer new dimensions to life behind bars.

Faithful towards the Prison Museum’s mission to be a vivid, influencing museum and the vision of becoming the world’s best prison museum, the exhibition encourages visitors to consider and reflect upon – and even enter a dialogue with – the four themes of the exhibition.

Kvorning’s exhibition concept combines interactive and analogue means to render the reality under lock and key. Moving images, projections, lights, sounds and scents reproduce life in jail and digital as well as analogue discussion forums keep the exhibition up to date.


Horsens Prison Museum wins second international award

Horsens Prison Museum, Horsens Museum and Kvorning Design & Communication win second international award – The International Award 2016 at The Museums+Heritage Award Show 18 May 2016 in London.

The judges find Horsens Prison Museum –

“Immersive and a highly personal, emotional experience with sensitive interpretation and a delicate use of different media, this winning project really showed the human story and not just one of the buildings it occupies”.